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the business growth service

Advice, Strategic Thinking,
Action Plans & Support


Plan Market Deliver helps small and medium-sized businesses in Kent and Sussex grow profitably with practical advice and hands-on support. ​

Our business growth plans deliver more sales. We can improve the marketing of your products and services. We also provide excellent value business director support for you and your management team.  


    Solve your business challenges and find solutions that work for you. 


    Dial-up or down to suit the support your needs. Affordable and good value consultancy for short-term engagements.


    Delivering value by helping your
    business grow.


How I Can

Help Your business

Let's talk; there's no obligation.

Understanding your business challenge is something we explore in a 30 minutes no obligation call, or online meeting. 

If we can help, we'll recommend one of our packaged services, or tailor advice and support that is right for you and your business.

Our most popular introductory service
  • Ideal for businesses up to £1 million turnover.

    Workshop and report.

Grow Your Business

Advice from accountants, banks and other financial advisers provides excellent insight into how your business is performing. In the same way as you speak with these professionals for financial advice, getting support from  a professional for strategic advice is equally valuable and complementary. 

To grow successfully, a business requires knowledge and insight into its marketplace, competitors, customers, products, sales channels and partners. It also needs new ideas.

Plan Market Deliver provides this business and market insight. We create and deliver practical growth plans and works in collaboration with you, your team, and your advisers.

Our goal is to help your business grow profitably.

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You need a plan

A business plan, or strategy, sets out how you will grow your business. Outside support can be invaluable to help bring your plan together. Saving you time and accelerating growth.

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Promote and sell

A marketing plan sets the template for sales and business development. How do you find, attract and keep your customers? How do you improve customer service? Through good marketing!

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Continue to grow

Our ongoing support will track and measure success and provide hands on advice and guidance to your team. Dial up, or dial down our support as required to meet your ongoing business needs.

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