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OUR services

Our services are designed for small and medium-sized businesses up to £3 million turnover in Kent and Sussex.

We specialise in business and marketing strategy, or planning. We can quickly understand your current business issues and opportunities and provide an excellent and practical report or plan to help you grow your business. There is no ongoing commitment.

We are happy to talk through the best option for you and your business, or to tailor a bespoke solution.

going for growth workshop

  • Our most popular service.

  • Ideal for businesses under £1 million turnover and can be tailored for larger businesses.

  • A half-day on-site workshop with follow-up recommendations and a practical growth action plan.

Small business owners often lack the time and resource to look at how they can grow profitably and can miss out on opportunities .


This Small Business workshop is designed to help generate ideas and provide feedback on where your business is today and what opportunities exist for growth. The model is based on the proven Scale-Up for Growth programme with The British Library and is designed to provide practical and actionable advice.

An initial review of your business and your marketplace is all that is required for the workshop. 

Our research and practical recommendations, plus outputs from the workshop, will enable you to take immediate action to grow your business. We can provide support, if required.

plan in a box

  • Ideal for growing businesses up to £3 million turnover.

  • A practical growth plan you can implement quickly.

  • Requires 5 days investment across 2 months.*

Plan in a Box provides you with a toolbox of market insights, ideas, and a business growth plan.

We work with you and your team to brainstorm, research opportunities and recommend a pragmatic action plan tailored for your business. 

Plan in a Box is an excellent and practical tool for you, your team and your professional advisers.

A 5 day engagement which can be split over 2 months is required. There is no future obligation and the plan will belong to your business.

*A project timeline will be agreed at the commencement of the engagement.


  • Senior consultancy services in business strategy and marketing. 

  • An affordable way to access Non-Exec input without the Non-Exec fee.

  • Up to 2 days per month.


Many businesses find that a good consultant can deliver a real return for their business faster than trying to do everything in-house. This return on investment in more sales, better marketing or a more focussed team justifies the consultant's fee and proves their value.

Exec On-Tap is an affordable option if your business needs to tap into an experienced consultant for advice and support on your business and marketing plans, developing new products and services, business development, customer elationship management, or to brainstorm new ideas.

This is your meeting. You set the agenda.

Exec On-Tap is right for your business:

  • If you have existing growth plans and require an objective viewpoint;

  • You require additional senior-level bandwidth on a cost-effective and ad hoc basis for 1 - 2 days per month.

your marketing GROWTH STRATEGY

  • Designed for ambitious businesses who want a strategic marketing plan across off-line and digital channels.

  • A comprehensive marketing strategy for your business.

  • A 2 - 4 weeks engagement which can be split across up to 4 months.*

Ambitious businesses have big plans but are often time and resource constrained. Securing investment for new markets and new service lines requires a well-thought through marketing strategy. 

From market and competitor insight, trends, customer feedback, digital channels and existing sales and marketing processes, we look to the future and develop a clear and practical strategy for growth, including business development and marketing plans.

Your business will gain valuable insight into:

  • How to generate more leads

  • Where and how to market

  • Who are your future customers, and

  • Practical steps to improve your digital marketing and sales materials.

*The length of engagement will vary by size and complexity of the business. A project timeline will be agreed at the commencement of engagement.

what's your 2024 strategy?

  • A 5 Year Forward growth plan.

  • Ideal for businesses seeking investment and financing who require more than a financial plan. 

  • Requires a 4 - 8 weeks engagement which can be split across 6 months.*

Your business is growing successfully but you have greater ambitions which require additional capital. You may be investing in a new product or service line. Or you may be uncertain about your future markets or customers and require senior, external input.

A 5 Year Forward Plan will provide insight and actionable plans for your business. From market analysis, to customer insight and product positioning, you will have a clear view
of how, and where, to target investment and resource. A Go To Market Plan will set out a roadmap for your team.


What's Your 2024 Strategy will provide a blueprint for future growth and a valuable executive tool for your business.

*The length of engagement will vary by size and complexity of the business. A project timeline will be agreed at the commencement of engagement.

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